• Patented Programming Technology
  • Programs Directly to Subconscious Mind
  • Bypass Conscious Mind Barriers
  • Easily Record Affirmations in Your Voice
  • Included Sleep Sound Features
  • Rechargeable Battery

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Develop a powerful positive mindset. Learn how to use Affirmations and Positive thinking to Manifest Positive life changes.

Find Your Success
Like The Many Others!

Affirmation Repetitions

that give you true


Molding Your Mind Towards the Goals You Desire Is Not So Hard After All

For years, Awake2000.com has been coined as the Affirmation Experts. With their Patented method of affirmation delivery and the ease of using the system, Awake2000 has achieved success with many users worldwide who have found what some say is the easiest way to create positive change in your life. 

The ThoughtDr is quite possibly the easiest method you will ever need to use. Built on effective methods but designed in a manner that incorporates simplicity. ThoughtDr now comes in an App for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This could quite possibly be the best investment of your life. 

I found this unit has been a great way to curb my smoking habits. It has been a great help for my family and me enjoying a new beginning smoke free. The house smells better, the car, our clothes, everything. I am glad I bought it.
Bruce C - United States
Awake2000 reminded me that success is within me. I can take charge of my own life and do the simplest things that I feared of earlier. Thank you, Awake2000.
Bob S - Philadelphia
Life is no longer full of negative thoughts, thanks to Awake2000. Who can imagine something as easy as this could be so effective even when you sleep? God Bless.
Adam R - United States

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